At the Del Prado Fertility Center in Tijuana, we understand that having a baby is very important for you as a couple. Making contact with the Fertility Center in Tijuana is a great step and it is very important for us for you to feel comfortable.

A doctor with experience will be able to talk to you and solve any initial questions before you come to your first consult. This also helps us to know about your case and in turn we will be able to provide you with better service, we can also guide and orient you in which is the best option in this step you are going to take. It is important that some situations are cleared prior with regards to In Vitro Fertilization, ICSI or Artificial Insemination.

Please call 619-308-8321 from the US or from Tijuana, Mexico at 664-608-4365, we will answer your call or you can leave us a message explaining your case, briefly describing the type of problem you have or the treatment you have been recommended; please also mention you found us on the web.

Our receptionist will take your name and phone number and will let you know when the doctor can contact you. Once you talk to your doctor, he will review your case, you will be able to explain your important questions and get them answered. It is very important for the doctor to know your age, previous treatments, and semen tests from your husband, among other things.