For some cases with previous failures on In Vitro or genetic alterations.

“Reproductive Immunology in women with repeated abortions”

Repeated Abortion is a secondary cause of infertility, in which the treatment of patients should be in teamwork and with highly trained personnel. In a great number of these cases, the causes can be either unknown or unexplainable, the immune factor, weather aloimmune or autoimmune, plays a very important role so as to require the use of hyper immune gamaglobuline infusion and the application of immune therapy with washed paternal lymphocytes.

Pre-implantational Genetic Diagnostic

Within the area of fertility, this is one of the techniques and recent advances; it is a technique that can be used during procedures In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or ICSI to test embryos for genetic disorders before being transferred to the uterus.

It is performed in situations where there may be some alteration of a chromosome as the detection of Down syndrome is when there is an extra chromosome in pair 21, and even in situations of sex selection for any sex-linked disease in situations for a specific disease gene.

PGD allows parents who suffer from some form of inherited genetic disorder to reduce the risk that the child will suffer from the same disease.

It is also appropriate for parents who already have a child with a genetic problem and that are at very high risk to have another child with the same disease.

PGD is performed by isolating a single cell (blastomere) of the embryo under a microscope where it is analyzed for genetic disorders.

After taking the result, healthy embryos are transferred to the womb of the mother. Not all disorders can be detected by PGD but the most common as cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, hemophilia A, Turner syndrome, among others.

The steps are exactly the steps of ICSI with the only difference being that, when the embryos are 2 to 3 days in the incubator a blastomere is done on each of the embryos. When analyzed healthy, embryos are separated from the abnormal and when the transfer is done, only healthy embryos are used.